Boa idéia, MZK!

MZK na Pipa Musical

Nesse poderoso Programa 51 tivemos a honra de receber no estúdio o DJ MZK. Ele, além de grafiteiro e gente fina, toca todas as sextas-feiras no Jive, e trouxe pra Pipa um bom acervo de funks e grooves raros que provavelmente não estarão juntos em nenhuma outra rádio. Kreps estava por aqui sorvendo a cerveja Rio Claro.

  • Hey girl don’t bother me – The Tams (c/ intro)
  • Transition – Karl Hector & The Malcouns
  • Jerry was a race car driver – Primus
  • I´m hurtin – Billy Gayles
  • Falling into grace – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Bui bui – L. Hollys & The Mackados
  • Your replacement is here – Edd Herny (c/ fala por cima)
  • Quase um alcoólatra – Wander Wildner
  • 99 44/100 Pure Love – Al Reed
  • Doin´It – Herbie Hancock
  • Our love and saviour – Soul Messengers (c/ fala no final)
  • As estrelas agora não morrem – Man or Astroman?
  • It´s a vanity – Gabo Brown & Orchestre Poly Rithmic
  • Fire in Cairo – The Cure
  • Another day – The Cure (c/ despedida)
  • Before I Die – Heliocentrics

Seria óbvio demais a gente tomar o aguardente de Pirassununga neste programa, portanto apenas nos entorpecemos com músicas finas e quentinhas, cof, cof, ops… Dessa vez, nem tomamos o Chopp do Henrique!

Ouçam clicando nos ícones

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    imitar los desastres de esta manera. soy un hombre feliz, pero me encanta que sufrir en el escenario, que es lo más bonito de todos!lo supiera o no, había parafraseado doctrina del trágico catarsis aristotélica: que se purgan y exaltado al ver la angustia de otra persona mental y tormento físico. domingo, de modo inolvidable en los lamentos de los torturados personajes de puccini, son nuestros propios designados mejores recuerdos de él se remontan a la década de 1980, que se remonta a los dos. era extraordinario en otello, porque él mismo es tan unvolcanic, era terrible ver este seguro, hombre cari?oso perder su rumbo, para ver lo tropezando y tambaleándose en el desconcierto, con el bronce sin tacha de la voz mostrando su nobleza antes. a medida que el gandul poética de offenbach los cuentos de hoffmann se convirtió en otro hombre que no podría haber sido más diferente de él – autocomplaciente y autodestructiva, malgastando su talento en lugar de guardar como domingo ha hecho. en don c
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    egio de matronas, 020 7312 3535, national childbirth trust, 020 8992 8637 (de 9.30 a 16:30), bachelor the guardian, sábado 16 enero 2010 ir a comentarios (…) old v nuevo: nicolas sarkozy y barack obama tienen diferentes estilos de liderazgo. fotografía: julien m. hekimian / getty si usted lleva un país como gran breta?a, un país fuerte, un país que ha asumido el liderazgo en los asuntos mundiales en los buenos tiempos y en los malos, un país que siempre es confiable, entonces usted tiene que tener . un toque de hierro sobre usted así lo dijo la dama de hierro, margaret thatcher, durante su mandato como primer ministro única mujer de gran breta?a, un puesto que ocupó de 1979 a 1990.but no un líder eficaz todavía necesita ese toque hierro infame? con muchos de nuestros líderes influyentes corrientes – desde los políticos hasta los banqueros – nos fallan, qué se requiere de un líder con una mano firme en el timón y una actitud para que coincida no, según los resultados de
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    el editor de política de el espectador. según un cercano aliado: si hay una cosa que le hace desear que siga adelante, son estos hijos de puta que dicen que debe dejar de fumar.el vituperio de la lengua que se utiliza en el interior número 10 nos dice qué tan profundo es el miedo y el odio entre el gobierno y sus enemigos. mi conjetura es que tony blair es aún más decidido que el sr. campbell que este último no será sacrificado. a ambos lados, entre los cazadores y los cazados, existe la sensación de que los medios de comunicación tiene el gobierno en el funcionamiento. peter mandelson, ha sido dos veces arrancado el cuero cabelludo por la prensa. la marca diaria de stephen byers como un mentiroso obligado hombre incluso thatrubber fuera del gabinete. la eliminación de alastair campbell, la destrucción de la cabeza de la guardia pretoriana del se?or blair, sería insinuar propia mortalidad del primer ministro. los seguidores de gordon brown se esfuerzan por ocultar su satisfacción. con campbell ha
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    é, où nous sommes perus comme doux et faire valoir les intérêts de la nation où, en raison de la impopularité de l’europe, un barrage constant de petites histoires qui commencent à s’accumuler sur la défense et même des questions comme le zimbabwe, nous sommes considérés comme insuffisamment mémo assertive.the a été écrit à la veille des élections locales goverment lorsque m. blair avait reu des rapports de sondages montrant asile poussant l’ordre du jour. l’allocation de couple marié avait été abandonné en avril 2000, l’enregistrement du gouvernement 2 milliards de livres, mais m. blair a été mal à l’aise sur le signal politique envoyé le déménagement. la référence aux questions touchant les gais confirme qu’il a été tiède au sujet des réformes comme la suppression de l’article 28, ou la révision d’atteindre potentiellement beaucoup de la loi sur les infractions sexuelles. il a également été en difficulté dans ses relations avec l’europe, où il ne voulait pas être vu pour être brandissant le veto britannique, mais aussi ne pouvait
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    obtiennent si près de dieu ou gagnants jamais pas dans une facture vers le prix de leur victoire bien mandarins littéraires d’aujourd’hui traitent l’homme avec négligence bénigne – qu’il a dans les 25 dernières années devenu une sorte de non-personne – il est hautement considéré dans le temps quarters.some inattendu il ya, dans les rues de londres, je suis tombé sur un gallois volubile . en apprenant que j’étais un américain – et encore moins un de chicago – il m’a acheté un whisky. je n’avais aucune idée américains étaient si populaires auprès des gens de la vallée de rhondda. mais ce n’était pas a du tout. il pouvait à peine attendre pour laisser échapper: vous êtes un américain, vous devez savoir de nelson algren. il se mit à débiter, dans la langue mélodieuse, tous les titres des romans de algren et des histoires courtes. en découvrant que je connaissais en fait l’homme, il a acheté verre après verre après verre. et sur la rémunération de mineur. comment je suis rentré à l’htel doit toujours rester un mystère pour new york,
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  239. one so eloquently elsewhere. (9) It is worth noting that the comprehensive advocates have not in general argued in depth the implications of schooling where there are high proportions of youngsters from families of different races and religions. (10) I am indebted to David Halpin for prompting me to read Anthony Gidden’s works, which illustrate graphically and persuasively the rapid changes in our world for which schools ought to prepare their pupils. See also Halpin (1997) “Fragmentation into different types of school: diversifying into the past?”, in Pring R.E. and Walford G. (Eds) “Affirming the Comprehensive Ideal” London, Falmer Press. (11) H.G. Wells (12) One example of an incentive that would promote interdependence and collegiality among the grouping of schools would be for the collegiate’s results to be published as a whole with each constituent schools’ funding being dependent on the performance of the weakest. (13) It ought to appeal to those who espouse ‘social justice’, but who do not quite have the courage to act in their personal decisions on the Tawney assumption that we should want for other people’s children what we want for our own.(14) It may be that with the growth of ‘education otherwise’ the collegiate will offer ‘associate pupil’ status to those whose parents are embarking on educating their youngsters at home. (15) There are compelling reasons to believe that models of teaching are changing as a result of the learning technologies and as teachers extend their repertoire of technique
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    nt forces of John McCain. It even provides a boost for the flagging fortunes Rudy Giuliani, whose strategy relies on the race lasting until Florida at the end of January, which now looks a certainty.Huckabee admits he is unlikely to win in New Hampshire; the religious right who turned out in Iowa play much less of a role in New England. But he is already looking beyond that to the South Carolina primary, where evangelical Christians are flocking to his banner.But he should no longer be seen as just a creature of the right. Unlike previous social conservative candidates, Huckabee has a jovial, attractive personality. On his first day in New Hampshire he took to the stage with a bass guitar and played with a local rock band. As he winked at a cheering crowd, he expertly joined in and thrashed out ‘In the Midnight Hour’. ‘He is clearly a very talented communicator,’ said Brown. ‘Now he also has some good momentum.’Yet many see the real winner of Iowa on the Republican side as John McCain. Written off only a few months ago, he is sitting pretty in New Hampshire. He needs to win the state, but if he does he will emerge as the moderate alternative to Huckabee. McCain has a dedicated campaign operation that has flooded the state with committed volunteers attracted by his maverick reputation and war hero biography. ‘I love him. He takes positions because he believes them not because he thinks they might be popular,’ said Chris Callaghan, a New York Republican working for McCain.He has even attracted some highly une
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    e in new buildings. “What car do you drive? Do you like Skodas? How can you make people like Skodas if they don’t want to? You can’t force people to wear a pair of shoes they don’t like unless you threaten to shoot them. Old buildings smell,” he adds. I live in an old building and it doesn’t smell, I tell him, but he doesn’t want to know.Now the struggle over Samara’s heritage has crystallised round a single building, the canteen built in 1932 for the Maslennikov factory. This was idealistic in intention and design, the idea being that this culinary facility would liberate women from domestic chores. It was designed, unusually for the time, by a woman, EM Maximova. Its plan takes the form, when seen from above, of a hammer and sickle, and it was internationally famous in its day.Its original delicacy and airiness was modified in Stalin’s time and is now badly battered, but it remains underneath an extraordinary and restorable building, which would certainly be listed in Britain. For 17 years the federal ministry of culture has pressed the regional government to protect it, and is now threatening court proceedings. Despite their fine words about the importance of “cultural heritage”, the regional government’s minister of culture, Olga Rybakova, returns without reply letters written to her urging action, even from high levels. Meanwhile the city government has approved a somewhat ill-defined plan, proposed by SOK, to build 82,000 square metres of commercial space on the site.The architect Vitaly Stadnikov and
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    it’s not pleasant. Outside, where the rest of the pack lie chained up in pairs, the snow is far from pure. I walk around with a scarf wrapped round my face until we’re well away and back in the wilderness where all is pure and clean. Philip thinks I’m a complete wuss.Once we’re on the way, the dogs know exactly where they’re going. Thank goodness. It would be impossible to navigate your way through this nothingness. There are no distinguishing features, just mile upon mile of white under a grey sky. Occasionally we come across a wooden border post marking the frontier with Russia, and on the third day we spot a lookout post but see no guards. In fact, we see no one, full stop. And no wildlife, bar the occasional snow grouse and a lone woodpecker. On the final day, we pass through a wooded area that Philip has dubbed the Martian Army, where the snow is particularly thick on the trees, making them look like strange creatures marching up and over the hill. It’s spectacularly pretty but also slightly sinister, as if the trees are closing in on us. We stop for photos but don’t hang around. Instead we career downhill on our way back to the main lodge, almost taking off as we gather speed. To welcome us back, Mira has prepared a celebratory meal – lamb fillets and red wine. The conversation, of course, is about the dogs. Philip’s off again, going over the details of next weekend’s race, the gruelling 320km Pasvik Trail. But this time, I listen and understand why he is so excited, for I too want to experience once
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    ding to Djemil, even a few corrupt officers can pollute an entire jail. ‘One or two corrupt officers can bring in an awful lot of drugs in a short space of time,’ he said. ‘They can have a disproportionate impact. Drug dealing in the prison system is not a DIY operation; it is becoming much more organised.’Criminal gangs have proved astute in establishing which prison officers have debt problems, making them amenable to monetary bungs in return for turning a blind eye to drugs and mobile phone smuggling. Alarmed at the spiralling nature of the problem, the Metropolitan Police last month quietly launched a specialist ‘ghost’ squad to target prison officers. ‘We can confirm the Prison Service and Metropolitan Police service are working together on a new unit to investigate corruption within London prisons,’ a spokeswoman for the Met said. ‘The unit is examining and assessing intelligence and will be jointly staffed from the Prison Service and the Met’s specialist and economic crime command.’Tackling corruption may restrict supply but it will not eradicate the problem, according to experts like Djemil. They believe there should be a fundamental shift in evaluating the scale and nature of drug dealing in Britain’s jails to allow prison officers and police to better target the supply and distribution. The problem, though, is that the government is cautious about sharing information that would provide a clearer picture of the problem.Djemil is critical of the government’s reluctance to publish figures showing the
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    taking PhDs in ecological science.Joanna Courtice is a schoolgirl campaigner. Aged just 16 she has already persuaded her Cambridgeshire teachers to create an ‘eco-school’ and is working at trying to encourage awareness and activism among other schools in her area.’It’s about small steps, one thing at a time,’ she says. ‘For me it’s hard persuading other girls my age because they think they have to give things up that they like. It feels like I’m putting them on a diet no one wants to go on.’But I am 16 and now I can fight back against what people have let happen to the planet. For me it’s 16 years of no one fighting. I have to make up for that.’A history of eco protestSizewell, 1980s During the inquiry into the construction of Britain’s last nuclear reactor at Sizewell, Suffolk, Friends of the Earth organised demonstrations against the plant’s construction.Anti-roads, 1990s These direct action groups prevented work on the new A30 by setting up camp. Residents protested both above ground in tree houses and below it in tunnels. The camp’s final resident ‘Swampy’ (Daniel Hooper) gained celebrity status.Anti-GM, 1998-2004 Demonstrators, including environmentalist George Monbiot, were arrested in 2001 for criminal damage during a protest at Wales’s only GM crop trial. The not guilty plea, based on acting in the public interest, brought the issue of GM crop safety into the public eye.Anti-runway, 2007 Mass demonstrations against the expansion of Heathrow airport were held throughout the summer, with thousands of
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    amsOne of the many brilliant and unsettling truths of John Lanchester’s Whoops! Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay (Allen Lane), is that it understands the financial crisis as a literary event, a fantastical piece of magical realism, in which the self-delusion of debt became a shared fictional conceit. He is forensic in unpicking that psychology, and alive to all the black comedy of large numbers. At poolside, after that second San Miguel beer, it should be read in conjunction with David Eagleman’s Sum: Forty Tales From the Afterlives (Canongate), a neuroscientist’s fabulous imagining of possible heavens and hells, written, like Lanchester’s book, to remind us that all our certainties are inventions, and one man’s faith is always another’s folly.William SkidelskyTom Rachman’s impressive debut, The Imperfectionists (Quercus), must be one of the most straightforwardly entertaining reads of the year. Set at a creaking English-language newspaper in Rome, it focuses on 11 characters of varying degrees of eccentricity. As astute about newspaper politics as it is about life outside the office, it’s a book that’s all the better for its old-fashioned, slightly Waugh-ish feel. The story zips along and it’s just the thing to make a couple of hot afternoons drift pleasantly by.The same might be said of another recent debut, Maria Allen’s Before the Earthquake (Tindal Street Press). Set in an Italian village around the start of the 20th century, it tells the story of Concetta, a 15-year-old girl who wakes fro
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    olympiques, il … les deux britains de 2013 assis cte à cte avec difficulté … qui soulève des questions intéressantes sur la culture, la classe sociale et du pouvoir. dans les fissures, les lacunes et les failles entre les générations, les classes, les races, les nantis et les démunis, les sous-cultures comme la crasse continuer à se reproduire et de se multiplier dans les coins sombres, avant grouillant dans la lumière. l’enseignement de la bourse de guardian professionalmike neary lui a donné la confiance pour pousser. photo: heain la semaine que l’académie de l’enseignement supérieur annonce les noms des nouveaux membres de l’enseignement national (fsn) de cette année, nous entendons de quatre professionnels de l’enseignement supérieur qui détiennent déjà le titre, et savoir quelle différence la bourse a fait à leur enseignement , et leur
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    ntéressés regarder) l’intégrité territoriale du royaume de westeros du nord. ils ont capturé une partie de la garde de nuit, qui gardent le mur, y compris batard fils de bean, hunky jon snow (kit harington), qui est très différente de channel 4 jon snow, qui ne veut pas dire ce dernier n’a pas obtenu le passe. maintenant, dirigé par mance rayder (ciaran hinds), le soi-disant roi-beyond-the wall, le peuple libre regardent prêts à descendre sur le sissy sud dans la saison trois, dans une campagne peut-être calqué sur les raids de bonnie prince charlie dans le cur de l’ les sassenachs décadents d’autrefois, ou les vikings marche sur stamford bridge. de manière significative, mance rayder est une anagramme de a merry est de jouer dans la troisième saison tout. le prix le trne de fer et, plus important encore, un rle de premier plan dans la saiso
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    serait trop coteux et incertain pour remplacer celui centralisé actuel, qui repose sur un petit nombre de grandes charbon, le gaz et les centrales nucléaires. mais le gros quatre ont eu d’autre choix que d’accepter la nouvelle direction de l’allemagne. nous acceptons la décision de la majorité politique démocratique, explique un porte-parole de e.on, qui se concentre désormais sur grand éolien offshore plants.opposition mp, ulrich kelber, des sociaux-démocrates, a déclaré: beaucoup ne peut imaginer qu’un système d’énergie décentralisée est aussi sécurisé que d’un système centralisé, mais nous sommes tous accrochés sur un système décentralisé qu’est internet. c’est ce que nous devons faire de la politique énergétique l’ambition du changement de direction de l’allemagne, universellement appelé le energiewende – transformation d’énergie –
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    es banques sont déjà provisionnement, les sources financières a déclaré mardi soir. 15h56: potentiellement mauvaises nouvelles pour alexis tsipras, le chef de la coalition de gauche de la grèce qui tente de former un nouveau government.after une réunion avec tsipras, le chef du parti grecs indépendants, qui arrive en quatrième position lors des élections de ce week-end, a déclaré qu’il n’était pas suffisamment de soutien pour un gouvernement de sauvetage anti-ue. panos kammenos a dit: il est un fait établi qu’il n’y a pas une majorité suffisante pour former un front anti-renflouement. en plus d’être de la musique aux oreilles de bruxelles, ce qui pourrait aussi donner l’élan arrière au dirigeant nouvelle démocratie, antonis samaras qui tente d’obtenir un soutien avant toute nouvelle elections.4.14pm: plus de détails sur la possiblité de la grèce n
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    t être repéré – 60% restants fleet.the islandais morue les guerres de la ville dans les années 1970, lorsque l’islande a étendu ses zones de pêche et exclu chalutiers britanniques du territoire qu’ils avaient récolté, effacé ce qu’il y avait, dans le 50, été le plus grand port de pêche du monde. skippers chevronnés comme hall, 57 ans, n’ont jamais pardonné ou oublié. maintenant, le port dispose de 15 navires destinés à maintenir parcs éoliens, soit trois fois le nombre de chalutiers survivants. en 1970, il y avait environ 400 basé à l’humbersideport.steve norton, directeur général de l’association des marchands de poisson grimsby, a déclaré:. nous espérons que les énergies renouvelables vont faire pour grimsby ce que le pétrole a fait pour aberdeentoutefois, cela semble une touche sur le cté optimiste. sans les guerres morue, nous au
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    pour les entraneurs offensifs. retour à la top3. afc eastwes welker pourrait être sur son chemin loin de la new england patriots. photo: elise amendola / apbuffalo bills2013 cap espace $ spot 20.6m.draft: agents libres 8thunrestricted: ruvell martin (wr), andy levitre (g), le tchad rinehart (g), tyler thigpen (qb), corey mcintyre (fb), tashard choice (rb), shawne merriman (de), spencer johnson (dt), kyle moore (de), kirk morrison (lb), bryan scott (olb), jairus byrd (s), leodis mckelvin (cb). restreint libre agents: donald jones (wr), david nelson (wr) agents libres notables:. andy levitre est sans doute le meilleur jeune garde dans la nfl. il a commencé tous les matchs de sa carrière depuis qu’il a pris 51e rang du repêchage de 2009. à seulement 26 ans, il a ses meilleures années devant lui. jairus byrd est le premier retour défensif disponibles durant la s
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  319. filmmaker Stephen Poliakoff, I say. He takes his leg off the table and sits up straight. “I’m much better looking than Stephen Poliakoff!” Didn’t Mel Brooks also become a family friend? “See, this is the problem. I don’t want this to turn into the Alan Yentob namedropping article. So I have to avoid that one. But for your own information, yes, Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft are both godparents of my children and very, very close friends of mine.” They have so much in common, he says – Yentob and Brooks are Jewish, both Bancroft and Yentob’s partner, the programme-maker Philippa Walker, are Catholic. When John Birt left the BBC, Yentob applied for the top job, but Greg Dyke was appointed director-general. Yentob was made head of drama and entertainment and children’s TV. It was widely regarded as a demotion, and it has been said that the offer of a TV series is a pacifier. Yentob says this is rubbish. “I think the answer to that is that I had been director of television for three or four years and I’d done all the channels so it was difficult for me to find… No, it wasn’t about a downgrading. I’ve done almost every interesting job in the organisation and now they are finding things to make me even happier, so that I don’t feel I’m repeating myself.” Does he think that, as a manager, he is chronically indecisive? Or is he, as has also been suggested, cut-throat when he finally does make his mind up (axeing the soap Eldorado)? “A bit of both… A bit of both. I think considered indecision is not a bad thing.”
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    e pavement and crashed into a lamppost. He then proceeded to chase me on foot. I was barely able to continue through laughing so hard.”32nd over: New Zealand 115-4 (Styris 62, Oram 14) Jayasuriya keeps things tight. “It’s a bit harsh to compare Genghis Khan (over 22), who created and ruled a huge and diverse empire without any notice of skin colour or family connections, writing a constitution and generally using diplomacy wherever possible with Neil Toolan, who just seems to be a bit of an idiot,” suggests Adam Hillmann.33rd over: New Zealand 119-4 (Styris 65, Oram 18) New Zealand’s batting over the last few overs has been stodgier than a public school pudding: neither Styris and Oram can find gaps or boundaries “I can’t confirm about the dog-sized rats, but a friend who works for Tube says one of the biggest maintenance challenges in the tunnels is clearing up the accumulations of human hair,” says Andrew Sutcliffe.34th over: New Zealand 123-4 (Styris 69, Oram 18) Jayasuriya (7-0-28-0) continues to whirl and twirl and generally keep things tight. He doesn’t look like getting a wicket, mind. Drinks. “I used to work for the underground (well, before my bit got hived off to become Metronet),” says Chris Williams. “The tales were of pig-sized rats in my day and of blind hominids living in blocked-off tunnels,” says Chris Williams. “However these were the jokers who sent the new South African staff member to Leeds with his surfboard for ‘the finest beach in Europe’ on his first weekend, so it might be nonsense
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    up called the Dreads were causing mayhem in the hills. A crackdown ensued with army units scouring the jungle to arrest all Rastas whose dreadlocks were forcibly cut off. The Rasta movement was over, and with it went much of the human presence up in the hills. As we walked we were constantly reminded of this, finding lost gardens and abandoned fruit orchards. Like many others, Eric’s father left for the US, but a few souls have drifted back. We bumped into Loftus Letang who lives the forest life.”Tell them western governments,” he said, “to quit their bombin’ C Iraq an’ Afghanistan. The wind come from de east here an’ we feelin’ it.”His three dogs got a scent: not a bomb, but an agouti, a small rodent. They set off in hot pursuit and, after several handshakes, Loftus went too.”Dominica’s most famous musician is a Rasta called Chobby,” Eric told me, “Sometimes we see him up here too, playing his guitar and singing C stark naked.”We didn’t run into Chobby, but we did find plenty of other characters: Joey Magloire who extemporized a calypso for me, well-known local guide Peter “Bushman” Green, Didier, a Belgian hotelier who runs an amiable guesthouse on the coast, and 80-year-old Anne Jean-Baptiste who has fashioned an astonishing hotel and botanical garden C Papillote C a place conveniently located on the trail. Local hot springs means that she has managed to create both hot and cold plunge pools at the foot of a waterfall.At the peak of Dominica’s mountains lies its greatest attraction: the Boiling Lake
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    until August 29 to submit any further evidence to Fifa, after which they’ll probably make a decision.But as promised, it’s not all good news for Bongo FC, as a Birmingham Evening Mail-peddling warbler outside Fiver Towers confirmed, E’nin’ Stanah-style, this afternoon. For although we failed GCSE Brummie and so might be wrong, we’re sure we picked out the words “Danny”, “Mills”, “Bongo-bound” and “clucking bell” from his throaty rasp. Just to make sure, we put in a call to our Leeds United source, who hides in the shadows and whispers a lot. “Psst,” he said, irrespective of the fact that we’d called him. “Peter Reid’s absolutely fuming with Mills’ comments [about being forced out of the club]. The sooner he finds somewhere else to play the better it will be for everyone concerned.” Apart from for Bongo FC, obviously. Phew. The End.QUOTE OF THE DAY”We can’t have a situation when players stay home just because the little toe in their left foot hurts. The Brazilians come to play for their team even if they have to come to the matches carrying their heads under their arms” – Physical weakness is an alien concept to Mary Shelley’s Oliver Kahn, who has a bolt through his neck, incidentally.THE INAUGURAL FIVER PR PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARDThe Fiver has received a very thoughtful gift “in the spirit of brand awareness” from Gareth and Gavin, who we initially assumed were a pair of performance artists, but in fact turn out to be two blokes who work in The Newsroom, the Guardian and Observer’s visitor centre.
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    associate director of equality and diversity at the hospital, dismisses any suggestion of the initiative being a philanthropic one. “This is not a charitable gesture,” he said. “We want to make sure we have the most talented workforce possible. It’s in our interests in multiple ways. For a start, this hospital serves a very diverse population and we want to do that to the best of our ability, which is more likely to happen if our workforce is used to working alongside a diverse group of colleagues.”We’ve all benefited from the changes we’ve incorporated to accommodate those with
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    me more established, they’re likely to require more space and suitable accommodation, leisure and retail space to support their facilities, and the Liverpool and Wirral Waters plans offer that. More recently, also at the Wirral Waters site, Peel has announced a manufacturing park, with plans to capitalise on the booming motor industry on Merseyside and possibly also expanding manufacturers in the energy and railway rolling stock sectors. The heritage arguments against the plans are something that many people local people have struggled to understand when most of the development s
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    e a key reference for how campaigning is thought about and shaped, and not just in the development sector. I’m very proud of this legacy 锟紺 learning from previous campaigning is vital for civil society to move forward.Strengths:Strategic collaboration. In the autumn of 2003 one of a dozen senior advocacy people from the development sector decided to make 2005 a big year. The numbers living in poverty around the world was as pressing an issue then as it is today. But we wanted to grasp the opportunity for change. That was the reason for collaboration: the UK was to chair the G8 an
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    till the last cyclist in the peloton, but we’re right up on the tyres of the rest of the pack. It starts here, from zero, and it’s all about who has the best sprint finish,” V锟斤拷zquez said, mixing his metaphors marvellously. “We’re out of intensive care and up on the ward now. They’ve taken us off the life support machine and we’re breathing for ourselves at last.”Talking points Four hundred and two days later, Eric Abidal is back. With 20 minutes to go he replaced Gerard Piqu锟斤拷, returning to action after suffering cancer and undergoing a liver transplant. This was the image of t
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Those two products alone were prescribed more than 173 million times last year, according to IMS Health.The move comes at a critical time for the company, which faces more than 85 personal injury lawsuits in federal court that blame Tylenol for liver injuries and deaths. At the same time, the Food and Drug Administration is drafting longawaited safety measures that could curtail the use of Tylenol and other acetaminophen products.Much is at stake for McNeil and its parent company. Johnson Johnson does not report sales of Tylenol, but total sales of all overthecounter medicines containing acetaminophen were more than $1.75 billion last year, according to Information Resources Inc., a retail data service.”While this is not an industrywide initiative at this time, it fits squarely within the many ongoing industrywide educational initiatives to further acetaminophen safe and responsible use by consumers,” said Emily Skor, a vice president with the trade group, which [url=]Men’s DeMarcus Ware Limited Grey Jersey[/url] represents McNeil, Bayer Healthcare, Procter Gamble and other nonprescription drugmakers.Acetaminophen overdoses occur when the liver is [url=]Nike Rahim Moore Jersey[/url] overwhelmed [url=]Men’s Sam Bradford Game Gold Jersey[/url] by too much of the drug, producing a toxic byproduct that kills liver cells. Liver failure occurs when most cells are no longer able to function. 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McNeil voluntarily adopted that recommendation, lowering the recommended adult dose of Extra Strength Tylenol to 3,000 milligrams per day, or six pills of Extra Strength Tylenol, down from 4,000 milligrams per day, or eight pills.McNeil is the only major drugmaker adopting the bottle cap warning at this time, according to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, a trade group for overthecounter medicine companies.Lee applauded the new warning, but said McNeil’s marketing has contributed to the “freewheeling” way that Americans take the drug. For decades, McNeil has advertised Tylenol as “the safest brand of pain reliever” when used as directed. “That has been their standard ploy in the past, and I would argue that safest it is not,” he says.Then, in 2002, an expert panel of FDA advisers recommended that the government agency require all acetaminophen products to carry a warning about the risk of “severe liver damage” when not taken as directed. 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You take the recommended two pills every six hours for 3,900 milligrams of acetaminophen, just below the 4,000milligramaday safety threshold.Most experts agree that acetaminophen is safe when used as directed, which generally means taking less than 4,000 milligrams, or [url=]Women’s Troy Polamalu Limited Jersey[/url] eight pills of Extra Strength Tylenol, a day.”The argument goes that if you take acetaminophen correctly you will virtually never get into trouble,” says Dr. William Lee of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, who [url=]Youth Jason Witten Elite White Jersey[/url] has studied acetaminophen toxicity for four decades. “But it’s the very fact that it’s easily accessible overthecounter in bottles of 300 pills or more that puts people in harm’s way.”Experts first identified acetaminophen overdose as a major public health concern in the 1990s, but it has taken years to form a clearer picture of the problem.J tries new cap to curb fatal [url=]Youth Rahim Moore Elite White Jersey[/url] Tylenol overdosesFDA spokeswoman Erica Jefferson says [url=]Youth Demaryius Thomas Elite Black Jersey[/url] the agency is actively working on new rules for both children and adult acetaminophen products. 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Acetaminophen can be found in more than 600 common overthecounter products used by nearly one in four American adults every week, including household brands like Nyquil cold formula, Excedrin pain tablets and Sudafed sinus pills.”They are very slow to respond to these things and it’s always a little frustrating,” says Dr. Lewis Nelson of New York University, who chaired the 2009 FDA panel.McNeil argues that the lower dose is less effective and could drive people to take antiinflammatory pain relievers, a different class [url=]Women’s Frank Gore Game Jersey[/url] of drugs that [url=]Women’s Arian Foster Limited White Jersey[/url] includes aspirin and ibuprofen. Those medicines can cause stomach ulcers and dangerous gastrointestinal bleeding.Tylenol is the first of these products to include such a warning label on the bottle cap. McNeil says the warning is a result of research into the misuse of Tylenol by consumers. 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I know that you immersed yourself early on in Patsy Cline, and Meaghan is doing something similar in a way is that something that when you were doing it you fell into or was it something you planned from the beginning?

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    an 锟斤拷 we are not at that level, we must understand this,&quot Loverdos said.On Thursday, taxi drivers and gas station owners will strike to protest a draft law aimed at an overhaul of the tax system. The proposal has also angered prominent members of Greece’s powerful Orthodox Church, which would have to pay a new 20 percent tax on earnings from its property.&quotThis is a position against the church that can be regarded as hostile,&quot said Metropolitan Bishop Anthimos of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city.Ono said she was trying to be &quotpractical&quot in asking that Mark David Chapman remain behind bars for fatally shooting the pop legend on Dec. 8, 1980, outside Lennon’s Manhattan apartment building. Chapman, who has been repeatedly denied parole, is up for review again this month in New York State.Lennon’s widow said Chapman might be a danger to her, other fami
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  411. ming its mission from building up Afghan society to destroying and disabling Al Qaeda, along with limited training and advising to the Afghan military. This smaller force would focus on the areas most likely to harbor potential links and alliances with Al Qaeda.Unfortunately, Washington is caught in a cycle of thinking that sees each setback in the war in Afghanistan as a failure of the US military. Such thinking tends to exacerbate bad policy. Petraeus often used the phrase hard is not hopeless锟斤拷 when referring to the challenges he faced in Iraq during the troop surge in 2007. To be sure, at the tactical level the values of persistence, positivism, and strength of will are essential qualities for an army and its leaders.But at the level of strategy, where military operations should be linked to achieving policy objectives, sometimes the qualities of subtleness, reflection, an
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    east 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) of pipelines snake across the floor of the Gulf, according to the Minerals Management Service, and hurricanes have long been known to cause a range of damage to them, from dents to full ruptures.IN PICTURES: Notable hurricanes in the last two decadesAfter 2004’s Hurricane Ivan, the MMS cited 168 pipeline damage reports after Rita in 2005, it was 243 and there were 299 in the wake of devastating Hurricane Katrina, said Bill Teague of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.The numbers Teague cited were based on a 2006 MMS report stated that Ivan &quotproduced high levels of pipeline damage, many resulting from mudslides and excessive movement in the Mississippi Delta region.&quot The report listed separations of pipelines and rises as the No. 1 type of damage reported from the 168 cases, with &quotunknown&q
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    of making the nation governable.It锟斤拷s time to end the gridlock that锟斤拷s crippling our government and hurting our ability to tackle the big challenges facing our country,锟斤拷 said Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) of New Hampshire on Thursday as she and Sen. Tom Harkin (D) of Iowa introduced a bill aimed at curtailing the practice.The Harkin-Shaheen proposal would gradually reduce the number of votes required to overcome a filibuster as time goes by. It might be seen as analogous to retail markdowns, in which merchandise on racks becomes cheaper the longer it remains unsold.Under the Harkin proposal, the first vote for cloture (the term for ending a filibuster) would require 60 votes, as is current practice. But after a few days had passed, cloture would only require 57 votes. After a few more days, it would require 54, and so on. Eventually a bare majority of 51 votes would be enough.Sena
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